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10 Jun

Late last year a collection of the most popular songs by Vladimir Vysotsky, as well as other authors, translation into English was published.

Unique translations were made by Alexander Spiridonov, Chairman of the Board of Aerofuels International, a successful businessman, a translator and a man creative in his all undertakings and projects. The book had a lively response of the readers and was highly appreciated by professionals, leading professors of the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of Moscow State Linguistic University.

According to S.V.Brand, Senior Professor of Department of English language Translation and Interpretation, one of the merits of the translations offered to readers is that they are skillfully sustained in the relevant meter and number in line with the rhyme, thanks to which texts in English can be easily put to original music. Accurate reproduction of images born by the Russian and Soviet environment of the 20th century enables a foreigner, not familiar with the primary texts, in some degree to feel a power and depth of the original works, and enables the Russian-speaking reader to open favorite and so familiar songs in a new way and quite unexpectedly.

06 Jun

On May 21st Aerofuels Ulyanovsk JSC for the second time got the Certificate of Conformity for jet fuel supply of air services in the international airport of Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg). The Certificate confirms that Aerofuels Ulyanovsk meets all requirements for arrangement of the whole complex of services for aircrafts refueling with jet kero and anti-icing fluid according to the Federal Aviation Regulations. Certification was held within the civil aviation facilities Voluntary Certification System of the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

Aerofuels Ulyanovsk has been refueling flights of the Russian and international airlines in the airport of Koltsovo since January 2016. The Company possesses their own jet fuel, up-to-date refuelers, and offers to their customers advantageous price conditions, as well as quick high-quality service satisfying the Russian and international standards.

Aerofuels Ulyanovsk is a member of the refueling complexes network of Aerofuels Group, and for more than ten years has been successfully operating in the airport of Ulyanovsk-Vostochny with a high quality refueling of the Russian and international air carriers being guaranteed. TZK is equipped with the up-to-date refueling equipment, has its own fuel-oil depot located on the territory of the airport, and a railway siding making it possible to deliver oil products regularly and uninterruptedly.

29 May

On May 22nd the experimental aircraft MS-21-300 equipped with a passenger lounge having made a non-stop flight from Irkutsk arrived at Ulyanovsk for painting by series technologies. After works executed by Spektr-Avia, Ulyanovsk company, in the airport of Ulyanovsk-Vostochny, the airplane started off for the airport of Ramenskoye (the town of Zhukovsky, Moscow Region) where flight tests will continue on the territory of the aerodrome of Gromov Flight Research Institute.

Before flying to the airport of Ramenskoye MS-21-300 was refueled by Aerofuels Ulyanovsk, one of the oldest subsidiary companies of Aerofuels Group of Companies.

MS-21 (a long-range aircraft of the XXI century) belongs to a new generation passenger airplanes targeted at a mass segment of the world airliners market. At the present time within the program aircraft MS-21-300 (160-211 seats) and aircraft MS-21-200 (130-176 seats) are under design.

22 May

In May 2019 in the city of Gomel (Republic of Belarus) an international football tournament was held (11 11 format) with participation of over 20 teams from several countries, six of them having got through to the final round. In the gold-medal match Aerofuels football players managed to win against Bumprom team (Gomel) in a tough struggle for victory by a score of 3:1. IFK Spartak (Moscow) won the third place in the tournament. From all our heart we would like to congratulate our football-players on winning the match they have been winners of different home and international games for many times!

20 May

In April 2018 International Airport of Cheboksary (MACh LLC) got a new Certificate confirming the companys conformance to the requirements for airport activities management. The Certificate was issued by the Federal Agency for Air Transport of Russia for a period of five years.

MACh LLC has been a member of Aerofuels Group of Companies since 2016. From January to April 2019 the company handled over 100 thousand passengers, and, thus, passenger traffic flow increased to 44% in comparison with the previous period.

The airport of Cheboksary is a federal international airport. Besides regular flights from the airport there are special-purpose flights (under a rotation system) to the cities of the Northern regions. The companys management and staff are working at geographic growth of domestic and international flights and improvement of quality of the services rendered by the airport.

17 May

In the first half of May, 2019, after a period of growth, the European prices for oil products are steadily keeping the balanced level: today an average cost of the aviation fuel in the North-European Exchange is 670 US dollars/ton, and in the Mediterranean Exchange it is 650 US dollars/ton.

Balance kept in the market enables Russian airlines operating flights to Europe to plan aircrafts refueling costs more accurately and optimal, which in the immediate future will have a positive impact on the carriage cost and, consequently, will increase demand.

04 Apr

On March 18th, 2019, AEROFUELS Group of Companies representatives took part in the business meeting held by A.Yu.Ivanov, Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia, concerning analysis of jet fuel purchase practice. Directors and members of the domestic airlines (including Aeroflot PJSC), petroleum companies, airport refueling complexes, FAS and Ministry of Transport of Russia also took part in the meeting. In the course of the meeting AEROFUELS representatives attracted a special attention to jet fuel purchasing in the Russian fuel market, including stock trading, and stated specific proposals towards the Ministry of Finance of Russia upon aviation fuel trade mechanism improvement.

AEROFUELS proposals towards the Ministry of Finance of Russia include such essential measures as legislative increase of the minimum volume of products, which Vertically Integrated Oil Companies (VIOC) sell via stock trading, from the current 10% to 15% of the total sales revenue, increase of monitoring over equality of aviation fuel sales by VIOC during autumn and winter, and airlines involvement in aviation fuel purchase by stock trading.

The proposed measures will promote stock trading transparency and will enable non-discriminatory access to aviation fuel sold by stock trading for all market members, and the soonest practical implementation and maximum popularization of the domestic aviation fuel stock exchange prices indicator in the Russian Federation.

14 Mar

On March 3rd, 2019, in the settlement of Esso of Bystrinsky district, Kamchatka, a traditional sled dog race Beringiya-2019 arranged by the Kamchatka region Administration took place. It was for the second time when Aerofuels Group of Companies became one of Beringiya sponsors. Every year the sled dog race and the preceding sports and festive events are getting more popular not only in Russia but also abroad. On March 2nd, in Esso, a festival dedicated to Beringiya launching was held.

Beringiya-2019 will run along the following route: Esso Ust-Kamchatsk. This year the track will approximately make 1 350 kilometers. The race is expected to finish on March, 23rd, but the exact date and final length of the route depend on weather. The first race took place in 1990. That time only eight dog-pulled sleds came to the track of 250 km long. The next year the track length was already 1980 km and it was registered in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest one in the world.

26 Feb

In February 2019, after a period of reduction and a short-time, relative stability, the oil products prices (including jet kero) moved to a phase of the intensive growth in the European market.

For example, if in January 2019 the jet kero average price in the regional European exchanges (e.g. Rotterdam and North-European) made approximately 600 US dollars/ton, then by twentieth of February it reached 650 US dollars/ton. Based on the prognosis and taking into account of the current growth tendency, an average jet kero price in Europe in March 2019 will grow by 50-55 US dollars/ton.

08 Feb

In 2019 Aerofuels Group of Companies will continue the planned re-equipping and upgrading of their quality control laboratories operating in Aerofuels refueling complexes (TZK) at the Russian airports. During a year the quality control laboratories located in four airports: St.Petersburg (Pulkovo), Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude (Baikal), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Khomutovo) will be notably re-equipped and upgraded.

Use of the up-to-date laboratory equipment in aviation fuels quality control increases a level of flights safety and guarantees fuel conformance to the requirements of the Russian and international industrial standards and regulations. All quality control laboratories included in Aerofuels TZK network undergo a regular certification within the Voluntary Certification System of the civil aviation facilities and prove their high level of equipment and set of services in aviation fuel of -1, , Jet-1 aviation fuels and special fluids quality control.

21 Dec

In 2018 Aerofuels Int (Aerofuels Group of Companies) provided refueling of about 49 thousand flights of the Russian and international airlines in the Russian and international airports. The growth is 25% compared with 2017 and over 50% compared with 2016.

For over twenty years of operation the company has gained confidence of the world and domestic leaders of the international aircraft operations providing refueling on the territory of Russia and practically worldwide.

Aerofuels Int cooperates with the biggest national and transnational oil companies offering to their customers a high level aircraft refueling with a good-quality aviation fuel.

19 Dec

According to the Federal Agency of Air Transport last information in November 2018 the Russian airlines served 8,6 million people in the domestic and international flights. The growth is about 14% compared with the similar period of the last year, the passenger turnover has increased by 14,5% and approached to 22 billion passenger kilometers.

From the beginning of this year the airlines carried 107,8 million passengers, the growth is +10,6% compared with the similar period of the last year. The passenger turnover is 265,6 billion passenger kilometers, the growth being +10,6%. The passenger load factor has increased by +0,7 p.p., up to 84,2%; with the revenue load factor being +1,1 p.p., up to 71,3%.

29 Nov

In the first half of the year of 2019 Aerofuels Group of Companies will put into operation a new jet kero quality control laboratory on the island of Kunashir (Yuzhno-Kurilsk, the airport of Mendeleevo) where a full complex of works on quality control of fuel grade TC-1, PT and special fluids will be carried out using new devices, which will enable to increase air carriers service level in the airport.

A high level of aviation fuel is one of the key conditions of flights safety, and, consequently, from the very beginning of their activity on the territory of Russia Aerofuels Group of Companies pays a special attention to refueling complexes provision with the up-to-date quality control laboratories, investing essential financial resources in upgrading and building of new laboratories. At the present time Aerofuels possesses a network of 16 laboratories situated in the Russian airports (from Pskov to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) and regularly passing the required inspections and certification. The fuel quality control procedure fully meets the requirements of the Customs Union and the world departmental standards.

16 Oct

According to the Federal Agency of Air Transport information in September 2018 the growth is 10,4% compared with the similar period of the last year: the Russian airlines carried 11,8 million passengers, the passenger turnover has increased up to 28,7 billion passenger kilometers, i.e. increased by 10,6%. At the same time the passenger load factor has increased by +1,3 p.p., up to 87%, with the revenue load factor being +1,8 p.p., - up to 73,1%.

From the beginning of this year the air carriers have served 89,1 million passengers, the growth is +10% in the comparison with the similar period of the last year, the passenger turnover has increased up to 219 billion passenger kilometers (the growth is +10%). The passenger load factor has increased by +0,7 p.p., up to 84,7%, with the revenue load factor being +1,4 p.p., - up to 71,6%. The tendency of passenger air travels growth remaining from the beginning of this year has a favorable effect on their self-cost (and, consequently, on cost effectiveness of airlines) and reflects in improvement of the economical and financial indicators of other market participants, - TZK and service companies.

19 Sep

In 2018 Aerofuels Group of Companies continues to supply Far East airports (Kamchatka, Sakhalin and other Far Eastern regions) with jet kero by the Northern Sea Route. Marine tanker transportation of aviation fuels is safe and proven method of delivery with which Aerofuels customers, the Russian and international airlines are guaranteed uninterrupted supply of high quality jet kero, with products delivery speed being increased making a good effect on fuel price with into-plane refueling to be decreased by 5-8% minimum.

Aerofuels Kamchatka, which celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in April 2018, manages its own oil tanker fleet of Aerofuels group (and from 2017 engaged tankers, as well). Aerofuels Kamchatka LLC, a member of TZK network belonging to Aerofuels Group of Companies, possesses its own up-to-date refueling facilities and trained personnel. At present Aerofuels Kamchatka is the only refueling complex in Russia which employees work onshore and offshore. The Northern Sea Route is the shorted way by water from Europe to the Pacific Ocean, and the main shipping line of the Russian Arctic. According to experts opinion, over the coming years the Northern Sea Route will develop as a national and international transport system.

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