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19 Mar

Last year Aerofuels Group of Companies started implementation of a new program of aviation fuel deliveries to the Far East airports by the Northern Sea Route. Marine tanker transportation of oil products to the Far East by the Northern Sea Route is the most economically profitable way of aviation fuels supply to the regional refueling complexes (TZK), which makes it possible to decrease the fuel price with into-plane refueling at the expense of the transportation cost reduction, and, thus, to increase passenger and freight flow in every airport.

In 2018 Aerofuels plans to continue such deliveries of jet kero to the Far East (mainly to Sakhalin and Kamchatka) by oil tankers to achieve uninterrupted and guaranteed fuel supply to their customers, Russian and international airlines.

The Northern Sea Route is the shortest way by water from Europe to the Pacific Ocean, and the main shipping line of the Russian Arctic. According to experts opinion, over the coming years the Northern Sea Route will develop as a national and international transport system.

15 Mar

In February 28th Aerofuels JSC Board of Directors meeting was held. The company is a part of Aerofuels Group of Companies and an operator of two refueling complexes (TZK) in the biggest airports of the Moscow air hub Domodedovo and Pulkovo. Mr. A.Arzamastsev, General Director, spoke on the company operation results in 2017.

The Board of Directors remarked that the companys activities in the past year were fruitful and successful. Thus, in the comparison with 2016, a number of Aerofuels customers has increased significantly (today there are over 50 big Russian and international air carriers), and the actual volume of the refueled jet fuel growth in Domodedovo and Pulkovo airports exceeded the planned level to 6%.

Works on technical re-equipping of TZK in Pulkovo airport were executed during the whole year. As a result, by the end of the year the volume of TZK single storage has increased to 30%. Like in Domodedovo, Aerofuels possesses not only their own fuel and lubricant depot but also a fleet of new modern refuelers, and highly qualified personnel in Pulkovo. In 2017 a complex of activities on the companys re-branding was successfully implemented, which makes the company strong in the aviation fuel supply market and promotes further dynamic development.

Aerofuels guarantees to their customers a high quality of the services rendered, it has all required certificates of Federal Air Transport Agency for operation in the Russian airports, and regularly passes inspections which results confirm full conformance of the air-crafts refueling to the international and Russian standards. Refueling is provided with the companys fleet of refuelers satisfying the highest requirements. Fuel delivered to aircrafts tanks shall pass a serious inspection in the modern quality control laboratories.

26 Jan

The International Airport of Cheboksary summarized their operation for the past year. The company, being a part of Aerofuels Group of Companies since 2016, showed great results: during 2017 the airport rendered services to 251 700 passengers, which exceeds previously planned rate of 200 thousand, and as for 2016 the growth made 52,7%.

According to The International Airport of Cheboksary press service the company achieved such growth of passenger flow mainly at the expense of new flights engaged during summer season: the airport returned summer flights to Anapa, and resumed passenger airline service to Antalya, Turkey. A number of flights to the capital grew and remained the most popular in Chuvashia In 2017. More spacious aircrafts are used in all main airlines.

The company management and team are working at the route network increase and rendered services improvement to enable residents of Chuvashia and adjoining republics to travel by air with ease.

The International Airport of Cheboksary press service: