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24 Aug

Aerofuels Group of Companies within their investment plan for 2020-2022 is carrying out activities on refueling complexes (TZK) technical re-equipping and upgrading in the airports within their footprint, paying special attention to aircraft refueling quality standards improvement. The program aims at construction of new and re-equipping of current TZK in the Russian airports, including fuel handling facilities and related infrastructure. Aerofuels Group of Companies considers it especially important to have the whole complex of services in aviation fuel supply compliant with the applicable Russian and international standards: aviation fuel quality, conditions of its transportation and storage, and technical means for into-plane refueling. Equipment required for TZK upgrading and re-equipping is manufactured of domestic and foreign-made components in the Russian factories.

In 2021 Aerofuels Group of Companies continues upgrading their aerodrome refueles fleet in their refueling complexes. Thus, on August 20th, 2021, a new refueler was shipped from Aviatechnology scientific-production association to the airport of Yakutsk. Up-to-date refueling machinery used in the Aerofuels network conforms to applicable Russian and international aircraft refueling standards.

11 Aug

In March 2021 Aerofuels JSC, a company - member of Aerofuels Group of Companies, successfully placed 3-year bonds at the amount of 1 billion rubles. A coupon rate is 9,25% with quarterly payment. Placement was arranged by Raiffeisenbank.

Funds received from bonds issue are forwarded to implementation of planned investments in RF regional airports infrastructure creation and development (air terminal buildings, refueling complexes, aviation refuelers, etc.).

Current bonds efficiency frontier: 8,95%-9,05%. The nearest date of coupon payment is 01.09.2021.

In late August Aerofuels JSC plans to implement the second bonds issue at the amount of up to 1,5 billion rubles. The date of bonds issue will be informed additionally. Please, follow our website news.

29 Jul

In June 2021 the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) issued a permit to the international airport of Cheboksary building improvement. The project plans to expand the air terminal total area by 1400 m2, which makes it possible to improve its functional use and increase the airport capacity up to 1 million 700 thousand passengers per year. Due to reconstruction of the current premises, construction of new buildings on the airdrome territory and improvement of the territory adjoining the airport building, an external appearance of the airport will change significantly and its comfort will grow. The project will be implemented by International Airport of Cheboksary LLC.

The airport of Cheboksary is an international federal airport. It operates regular flights of the Russian airlines and rotation special purpose flights. Since 2016 International Airport of Cheboksary LLC (MACh LLC) has been a member of Aerofuels Group of Companies. MACh LLC Management and staff are working at destination network increase and improvement of quality of services rendered to Chuvashia and nearest regions inhabitance.

16 Jul

Today one of Aerofuels subsidiaries - TZK Irkutsk celebrates the twentieth anniversary!

Registered on July 2001, the company has become one of the first alternative refueling complexes on the territory of Russia, supplying the Russian and international airlines with high-quality aviation fuel in the airport of Irkutsk. After twenty years TZK Irkutsk is still one of the key and fastest growing regional suppliers of aviation fuels, rendering services in refueling not only in Irkutsk but also in Krasnoyarsk in the airport of Yemelyanovo and Cheremshanka. The company fully complies with the up-to-date Russian and international requirements, has its own aviation fuels quality control laboratory, new aerodrome refuelers fleet, and provides its customers with competitive pricing treatment and high quality service. Besides, the companys achievements and development, first of all, became possible due to well coordinated work of remarkable, highly professional staff of TZK Irkutsk.

Aerofuels Group of Companies would like to congratulate wholeheartedly their colleagues from Irkutsk on the anniversary and wish them strong health, successful work and companys prosperity!

15 Jul

Based on INTERFAX material

Moscow. 14th of July. INTERFAX.RU Russia resumes flights to France and Czech Republic from the 24th of July, journalists were informed by the nationwide anti-coronavirus task force after meeting on Wednesday.

Based on the results of the discussion and due to the epidemiological situation in some countries it was decided to resume regular flights on a reciprocal basis to the following countries starting from July 24th, 2021: to France: Moscow-Paris and Moscow-Nice, 4 flights a week each route, St.Petersburg-Paris and St.Petersburg-Nice, 2 flights a week each route; to Czech Republic: Moscow-Prague, 4 flights a week, it is said in the message.

The task force recommends people to undergo vaccination before a flight to foreign countries for protection against new coronavirus infection. Besides, the task force informed that starting from July 24th, Russia would increase frequency of regular flights to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Lebanon, Croatia and Ethiopia on a reciprocal basis.

It is remarked that there will be 2 flights a week to Austria: St.Petersburg-Vienne, also 2 flights a week to Belgium: St.Petersburg-Brussels. To Bulgaria: an amount of flights will increase from 4 to 7 for Moscow-Sofia, Moscow-Varna, Moscow- Burgas each route; there will be 4 flights a week for St.Petersburg-Sofia, St.Petersburg Varna, St.Petersburg-Bourgas, and 1 flight a week from Yekaterinburg to Varna.

Besides, an amount of flights to Hungary is increased (Moscow-Budapest from 2 to 4 flights a week, St.Petersburg Budapest 2 flights a week), to Greece (Moscow-Salonika and Moscow- Heraklion from 5 to 7 flights a week each route), to Lebanon (Moscow-Beirut from 1 to 3 flights a week), to Croatia (Moscow-Zagreb from 2 to 3 flights a week, Moscow-Split and Moscow-Dubrovnik from 2 to 5 flights a week each route) and to Ethiopia (Moscow- Addis Ababa from 3 to 4 flights a week).

Besides, it is decided starting from July 24th to resume flights from international airports of Arkhangelsk, Novokuznetsk and Orsk to the foreign countries with regard to Russian Federation Resolution 635- dated 16.03.2020, and compliance with necessary sanitary-epidemiological requirements, they added in the task force. Currently the Russian Federation has resumed air communication with approximately 50 countries.

07 Jul

Due to active resume of domestic air lines flights, launching of new subsidized flights to the Far East and Southern Federal District, as well as partial opening of international summer resorts, traditional for the Russian tourists, a scope of refueling in the Russian airports has grown sharply. Based on the results of June 2021 five refueling complexes of Aerofuels Group of Companies reported on record monthly quantity of into-plane fueling.

In July-August a season fueling quantity increase by 10-15% is also predicted compared to June.

All refueling complexes are ready to reach goals in fuel supply to the Russian and international airlines-partners in full over all Aerofuels Group of Companies geography of location.

06 Jul

On June 28th, 2021, Aviation Fuel and Lubricants Quality Control Laboratory belonging to Aerofuels Ulyanovsk CJSC succeeded in certification held by the State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation of the Ministry of Transport of Russia. Aerofuels Laboratory in the airport of Ulyanovsk has confirmed throughout the nearest three years a full conformance to the requirements of Russian legislation for organizations undertaking aviation fuel, oil, lubricants and special fluids quality control.

All quality control laboratories included in TZK Aerofuels network pass regular inspections within Voluntary certification system of civil aviation facilities, and confirm their high level of equipping and a complex of services rendered for TC-1, PT, JetA-1 aviation fuels and special fluids quality control. Aviation fuel and lubricants quality control laboratories operation applies up-to-date laboratory equipment, which increases a level of flights safety and guarantees conformance of fuel to the requirements of branch-related Russian and international standards and regulations.

Aerofuels Ulyanovsk CJSC is a member of a refueling complexes network of Aerofuels Group. It has been operating in the airport of Ulyanovsk-Vostochny for more than ten years and providing Russian and international air carriers flights fueling quality. TZK has not only a fully equipped quality control laboratory but also has advanced refueling facilities, its own fuel and lubricants storage locating on the territory of the airport, and a railway siding enabling to deliver oil products uninterruptedly.

07 Jun

In late May, 2021, Aerofuels Magadan, a member of Aerofuels Group of Companies, prolonged the fuel and lubricants laboratory Certificate of Conformity for quality control of aviation fuels, lubricants and special fluids at relevant stages of air services supply with aviation fuel in the airport of Sokol (Magadan). The inspection was held within the civil aviation facilities certification system of the State Research and Development Institute of Civil Aviation. The document confirms that the Certificate holder conforms to all Russian standards and requirements to work on quality control over jet kero and special fluids at all stages of aircrafts supply with aviation fuel.

Aerofuels in Russia has a network of up-to-date certified laboratories located in the airports all over the country (from Pulkovo to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky). In the laboratories of Aerofuels network there is a full complex of works on quality control of different grades aviation fuel and special fluids; they are equipped with up-to-date equipment, pass regularly all necessary inspections which confirm a high level of services rendered for TC-1, PT, JetA-1 aviation fuels and special fluids quality control.

Aerofuels Magadan LLC refueling company, a daughter company of Aerofuels Group of Companies, has not only a quality laboratory but also its own advanced refueling facilities and trained personnel, has all required state permits and certificates for aviation fuel supply. Like in other airports with operating Aerofuels refueling complexes, customers are guaranteed that they will get high quality certified jet kero refueling which meets the Russian and international standards.

14 May

In the meeting with Vladimir Putin, the President of the Russian Federation, which was held on the 11th of May, and devoted to the most important aspects and trends of Krasnoyarsk territory development, A.Uss, the Governor, gave details of key stages of activities for turning Krasnoyarsk into one of the largest Russian and international transport hubs. Thus, at the present time a most significant facility for the regional authorities is the airport of Yemelyanovo. 90% construction of a new taxiway which shall provide two-times growth of take-off and landing, has been completed, which is especially important with regard to the fact the Volga-Dnepr cargo airline joined the airport and increased cargo transportation by 2,5 times. Besides, Aeroflot, a national carrier, considers the airport of Yemelyanovo to be its second home one. The Governors team plans to connect two parallel runways of the regional airport of Cheremshanka and the main one - Yemelyanovo.

On the territory a work on creation of a regional, Siberian, airline on the basis of KrasAvia and Nordavia airlines , which will have seven up-to-date airplanes as minimum, is in progress. A new airline and other carriers will provide transport accessibility in the region and perform air service outside the territory.

Since 2016 Aerofuels Group of Companies has been operating in the international airport of Yemelyanovo as an alternative refueler, and since March 2020 Aerofuels has offered a full package of services in aircrafts refueling in the airport of Cheremshanka. Today TZK capacity is 2000 tons of fuel per month; it is equipped with its own refueling special vehicles and up-to-date equipment for careful aircrafts into-plane fueling. The company has experienced and high-qualified personnel. Quality of jet kero, fuel and lubricant materials satisfies the highest Russian and international standards, including safety and ecological performance.

30 Apr

In late April S7 Airlines (JSC Siberia Airlines) received all required approvals for regular passenger flights from the airport of Kurgan to the south. E.g. starting from May 01st the air carrier launches a summer flight plan from Kurgan to Sochi. The new routes of Siberia Airlines entered the subsidized list in 2021.

The airport of Kurgan is one of the oldest airports in Russia, and today it is the only airport in the region from which exclusively flights to Moscow have been performed lately.

New flights from the airport of Kurgan enable passengers to travel on vacation avoiding the busy Moscow air hub, which significantly saves money and time of traveling. Work on air traffic development in the region is continuing and, probably, in the current year new routes will appear in the airport flight plan.

The airport of Kurgan is a member of Aerofuels Group of Companies. It possesses a complex of administrative buildings and structures, a tank farm, refuelers, its own railway siding, an unloading rack and a loading station. Aerofuels Kurgan TZK is equipped with certified and up-to-date equipment, and guarantees to airlines a high level of jet kerosene quality, its reception, storage, followed by delivery to a refueler. In the end of 2020 Aerofuels Group of Companies completed large-scale upgrading of airport.

14 Apr

Since 2010 Aerofuels Group of Companies has been offering to their partners-companies a full set of services in light oil products transshipment and storage. Based on work results in the first quarter of 2021 and in comparison with a similar period of 2020 the scope of storage of benzene and diesel fuel in Aerofuels oil depots in Tomsk, Ulyanovsk, Kirov, Ulan-Ude and Nizhny Novgorod increased by 30% and made 41 000 tons.

During last years the company implemented a large-scale investment project on construction and upgrading of infrastructure, special equipment and a tank farm. All oil depots belonging to Aerofuels have necessary licenses and certificates confirming conformance to requirements for oil products storage and transshipment.

09 Apr

Beginning from April 2021 Aerofuels Group of Companies will refuel regular and charter (passenger and freight) flights of S7 Airlines ( JSC Siberia Airlines) in eight countries more: in Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, China, United Arabian Emirates, the Czech Republic and Japan.

S7 Airlines today is a largest private airline in the Russian air passenger market, with up-to-date aircraft fleet and a broad network of air routes. The airline is the second to the national carrier Aeroflot Russian Airlines in number of transported passengers. Aerofuels Group of Companies has been cooperating with S7 Airlines in refueling abroad for many years and offering the whole range of services in aircrafts supply with high-quality jet fuel in the international airports throughout the world. Possessing unique know-how in the field of marketing in the aviation fuels market and work experience since 1995, Aerofuels guarantees to their customers the best conditions in every particular airport.

29 Mar

From April 01st Russia resumes passenger airline service with Germany, Venezuela, Syria, Uzbekistan and Tadzhikistan on a reciprocal basis. Thus, upon agreement with air service authorities of Germany regular flights will be performed to Frankfurt-on-Mein Moscow Frankfurt-on-Mein (five times a week), Frankfurt-on-Mein St.Petersburg - Frankfurt-on-Mein (three times a week), Moscow Berlin Moscow (five times a week) and Moscow - Frankfurt-on-Mein Moscow (three times a week). Besides, from April 01st a regular airline service is opened with Venezuela (Moscow Karakas, two times a week), Syria (Moscow Damask, once a week), Tadzhikistan (Moscow- Dushanbe, once a week), Uzbekistan (Moscow Tashkent, once a week) and Sri Lanka (Moscow Colombo, once a week).

In April amount of flights from Russia to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt and UAE is also increased (by one flight per week on a reciprocal basis) and the Russians will be able to fly to these countries not only from Moscow and St.Petersburg, but also from regional international airports.

12 Mar

In the early March 2021 a subsidiary of Aerofuels Group of Companies started refueling of regional flights in the second airport of Krasnoyarsk.

The airport of Cheremshanka plays an important role in providing inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk and nearest areas with available transport services. Today passengers are able to get to Abakan, Barnaul, Boguchan, Svetlogorsk, Noyabrsk and several other Russian cities from Krasnoyarsk quite quickly and comfortably.

A full set of services in refueling in the airport of Cheremshanka is rendered by Aerofuels Group of Companies refueling complex which was launched in Krasnoyarsk in 2016. It has been already operating in the international airport of Yemelyanovo as an alternative refueler for five years. TZK capacity is up to 2000 t of fuel per month, it is equipped with its own special refuelers and up-to-date equipment for safe aircraft into-plane fueling. The company has the experienced and high-quality personnel. Quality of jet kero and fuel and lubricants meets high Russian and international standards, including safety and environmental regulations.

04 Mar

From March 03rd, 2021, IrAero airline commenced new directions flight operation via the airport of Cheboksary. Now from the capital of Chuvashia SukhoiSuperjet 100 may take you directly to Krasnodar, Mineralnye Vody and Novy Urengoy. Due to new routes launching the airport of Cheboksary has turned into a large regional transport hub, and may be used as a gateway airport for passenger transit. In the early May RUSLINE airline launched their flight program in Yekaterinburg within subsidized transportation from Cheboksary. New routes launching became possible thanks to the state support of airlines and co-financing which will be provided from Chuvashia budget.

Cheboksary is an international federal airport. Besides regular flights performed from the airport there are special flights (rotational) to the northern area cities. Since 2016 the airport of Cheboksary has been included in Aerofuels Group of Companies. For into-plane fueling Aerofuels uses its own jet fuel and guarantees competitive prices to carriers, as well as prompt high-quality service meeting all Russian and international standards and requirements.

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