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The airport of Kurgan

The airport of Kurgan has a status of the federal airport, and a status of the international airport from November 2015. It carries out regular, charter, passenger, freight and aviation operations. It refers to the aerodromes of class С, with runway length of 2601 m. In 2012 Airport of Kurgan joined Aerofuels Group of Companies.

The airport possesses a complex of administrative buildings and structures, tank farm, refuelers, its own railway siding, unloading rack and loading station. Refueling is performed by the up-to-date refueling complex having modern equipment and guaranteeing airlines a high level of jet kero quality, its acceptance and storage followed by delivery to a refueler.

Passenger flow: in 2021 Airport of Kurgan plans to receive and handle over 150 thousand passengers.

International Airport of Cheboksary named after A.G.Nikolaev

The airport of Cheboksary is the international federal airport in the capital of Chuvash Republic. On May 31st, 2019, the airport was named after A.G.Nikolaev. The runway length is 2512 m. Regular flights of the Russian airlines and rotational special flights are performed there.

The airport operator is MACh company (International Airport of Cheboksary) which since 2016 has been a member of Aerofuels Group of Companies. Currently MACh is carrying out upgrade in the airport during which the second floor of the air terminal building will be returned to operation and the building will be extended due to additional areas construction. The total area of the air terminal building will increase by 1400 square meters, and turnover capacity – up to 1 million 700 thousand passengers per year.

Aircrafts are refueled in the airport by Aerofuels refueling complex which uses its own jet fuel and guarantees carriers competitive prices and prompt high-quality service meeting all Russian and international norms and requirements.

Passenger flow: in 2021 MACh plans to receive and handle over 400 thousand passengers.

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